Pilares de la «Tierra»

The experiences that the child gets with the senses of touch, sight and smell have an inestimable value for their evolution, so once again, we bet to include in our materials trunks and branches almost natural. "Pilares de la Tierra" is our version of the famous Waldorf tower. A set of 18 natural pieces (from pruning of formation or cleaning of trees of our environment), with which the children will experiment with the different smells and textures, at the same time that they work the imagination and the logical thought, giving life to the different natural forms.
The pieces are sanded so their textures are pleasant to the touch. For greater security we have removed most of the bark, although some blocks retain a small part, so it could come off with the use and the blows. Something totally natural.

Ideal to bring nature closer to children while carrying out crafts, mini worlds and all types of constructions.


_ Set of 18 different pieces, different woods, shapes and sizes.
_ Branches of different trees of our environment are used mainly as juniper, oak or pine.
_ Some of the pieces retain part of the bark, so time and the blows could be detached. A totally natural process.
_ Each piece or block comes from different cuts of branches, so it will present differences in terms of the shape and tone of its veins.
_ More than 9 months.


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