La Jenga de Cocoletes

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The game of the Jenga of all the life but with the seal of Cocoletes. Its blocks are handmade by natural juniper, which gives it a characteristic aroma and color.
It is a game of physical and mental ability, in which participants (who can be two or more), must remove blocks from a tower in turn and place them on top, until it falls. Loses who when taking out or when putting the piece causes that the tower collapses.
It is played with 54 blocks that are located in cross formation by levels of three blocks together to form a tower of 18 levels of height. On his turn, each player must remove a block from any of the lower levels of the tower using only two fingers and ensuring that the tower does not fall, and place it on top of the tower to form new levels and grow its size

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_ Contiene 54 bloques de madera de sabina al natural, con piezas de tamaño 9×3 cm.

It awakens imagination and creativity.
It favors the development of psychomotor skills, strengthening eye-hand coordination in the smallest.
They learn cause and effect by forming and destroying the tower.
It is a skill game that requires thought, concentration, observation and dexterity.
They can use them as imitation games, making different objects and inventing stories.
They learn notions about big-small, long-short ...
They also learn to tolerate frustrations and keep trying to get the construction to maintain its balance with the trial-and-error technique so necessary in adult life.


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Blocs 3×9 cm, XL. Blocs 12×4 cm


Alder, Juniper


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