Fichas de color

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We present our version of the Montessori color box. It consists of a board, 9 circular tiles with the three primary colors and 9 rectangular ones. In each of them, 3 colored circles have been painted on both sides, with the different possible combinations that can be derived by distributing the circular tiles on the board.
It is an evolutionary and complete game. The youngest children will begin by stacking the cards, later they will be able to classify them by colors or shapes and finally they will put their observation and concentration capacity to the test while performing the different sequences indicated.
They allow to work sensory stimulation, attention and visual skills.

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_ Utilizamos pinturas base al agua no tóxicas y respetuosas con el medio ambiente. El acabado se realiza mediante un “barniz” a base de aceites naturales certificado para su uso en materiales infantiles, no tóxico y respetuoso con el medio ambiente en las piezas que contienen pintura.

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