El brabojo

Stackable set of 4 pieces, based on the Waldorf pedagogy. This wooden mountain is an evolutionary and versatile construction game. Kids will begin stacking their pieces. Later they will invent their own constructions, houses, caves, etc. Ideal to enhance their imagination and at the same time, it facilitates the understanding of concepts such as balance, resistance.
It is made entirely by hand in juniper wood, so its color and smell are unique; in turn, each cut is also unique in terms of shape and tone of the veins, so it may vary with respect to the images that accompany this announcement.


_ Set of 4 stackable pieces based on waldorf pedagogy.
_ Handmade in juniper wood.
_ It contains part of the bark, so it is advisable to use it under the supervision of an adult, as part of this could be detached with bumps or rubbing. In any case, it would not be toxic, since no type of varnish or paint has been used. Presents a finish to protect the wood based on beeswax.
_ Size aprox.: 16 x 10 x 3 cm
_ More than 12 months

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm


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