Calendario Semanal

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Placing children in time is not an easy task, with this type of calendars they experiment with the beginning and end of the day and the week concept and allows them to approach the notion of time in a very visual way. The days are represented, in the style of Cocoletes, by colorful trunks, which the child has to change and placing each day in the center of the flower according to its color and thus assimilating the passage of time.
This calendar, more than a toy, is an object for the whole family and will be incorporated into the daily routine.



_ Base in the flower's shape, with cavities made of sabina slices for each of the days, and a central one of larger size to place the current day.
_ The days are represented by trunks of different colors:
.Monday: Blue
.Tuesday: Yellow
.Wednesday: Brown
.Thursday: purple
.Friday: Green
.Saturday and Sunday: Red
_ The name of the days can be recorded in any language.
_ The trunks are hand-painted with non-toxic water-based paint that respects the environment.
_ Each piece comes from different cuts of wood, so the product will present differences in the shape and tone of its veins with respect to the images that accompany the announcement.
_ Medida de los troncos: 4 cm aprox. para sábado y domingo y 3 cm aprox. para el resto de días.
_ Measures of the flower: 25 cm in diameter.
_ No apto para menores de 3 años. Contiene piezas pequeñas y el niño/a podría atragantarse. Debe usarse solamente bajo la supervisión de un adulto.

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Dimensions 28.5 × 28.5 × 5.5 cm

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