Bloques Naturales

Construction games are never outdated, they have evolved over the years, but they are still one of the favorite toys of kids. Our natural wooden blocks, come from formation's pruning or cleaning of different types of trees. Inspired by Waldorf pedagogy, they are perfect for stacking, working imagination, motor skills, balance and spatial recognition.

The pieces are sanded so the textures are pleasant to the touch. For greater security we have removed most of the bark, although some blocks do retain a small part, so that this could come off with the use and the blows. Something totally natural. All the pieces are natural, ideal to experiment with the different scents and perceptions of the real environment.
Ideal to bring nature closer to children while carrying out crafts, mini worlds and all types of constructions.


_ Set of 36 different pieces, of different woods, shapes and sizes.
_ We use mainly branches of different fruit trees (apple tree, pear, plum), holm oak, olive, pine, oak and juniper.
_ Some of the pieces retain part of the bark, so time and the blows could be detached. A totally natural process.
_ Each piece or block comes from different cuts of branches, so it will present differences in terms of the shape and tone of its veins.
_ More than 12 months.


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